Each XGuard Firewall device utilises industrial strength firewall and networking software providing advanced NAT network translation & transparent web filter and proxy services. XGuard Firewall is a secure Filtering multi-function network appliance & management system based on stable FreeBSD 8.1 OS. XGuard Firewall filters based on black and white lists of URL’s and provides both DNS record guarding and proxy based guarding which increases the strength of the Internet filtering.

URL Blacklisting/whitelisting of sites can be based on multiple lists and access control lists(ACL’s) to provide different & varied levels of internet access. ACL’s can be set per machine, IP address or username from either locally managed, Windows AD, Radius or LDAP servers. ACL’s can also be set to allow or guard based on time periods for added flexibility. ACL’s can be set to force all search engines (if allowed) to search in ‘safe’ or ‘child’ mode. When enforced this mode cannot be worked around by the user, even by URL manipulation. Individual logging of ACL’s can be specified.

XGuard Firewall provides complete logging & filtering of common Instant Messenger clients (MSN Messenger, AIM ICQ etc) connecting thru it. As well as logging user access & conversations, it can replace words in a customisable expletive wordlist with asterisks (‘*’) in any conversations. Filtering occurs for conversations in both directions. XGuard Firewall allows for a block/allow list for IM usernames that prohibits or inclusively allows the nominated contacts. For example, XGuard Firewall can allow staff to use the communication advantages of IM services like Live Messenger and AIM, while ensuring they can only communicate with team members & clients for productive business use.
XGuard Firewall provides comprehensive system & network monitoring & customisable logging of filtering and guarding activities. All logs on the XGuard Firewall are automatically uploaded to the XGuard Control Server for analysis or diagnosis. XGuard Firewall provides complete SNMP support for integration with other vendors management systems.

Aside from internet filtering, XGuard Firewall provides a comprehensive range of network features and services, providing an effective ‘network in a box’ solution for many varied network and system requirements and specialised roles. For instance, XGuard Firewall can function as a PPTP or ipsec server and client, enabling an easy system for multiple secure VPN’s to be created and managed, either between multiple XGuard Firewall’s or between XGuard Firewall and other VPN servers, devices and clients, or both. It is an extremely simple, secure and effective means of linking remote users with main office, branch offices to main office or remote locations to wherever you require where only an insecure internet connection is available.

XGuard Firewall can be fitted with a Wireless network card to provide wireless LAN access point capabilities. This provides an XGuard Firewall filtered 802.11 b/g/n WPA/WPA2 wireless network with complete access to the wired network. Firewall filtering can be applied to all network interfaces for complete flexibility and security. XGuard Firewall can also be configured as a Radius authentication server to enable other Wireless access points or devices to authenticate connections. XGuard Firewall secures your wireless lan by allowing you to specify who is allowed to access the wireless network via their existing username. XGuard Firewall can either authenticate against your current domain controller or authentication server or can provide a user authentication database and management interface if the current network doesn’t provide one.

XGuard Firewall provides a variety of standard network services such as DNS server, DHCP server, traditional NAT and customisable inbound and outbound port routing, NTP time server, AVAHI/Bonjour server, all of which are completely configurable and can be enabled & disabled as required. VOIP, SIP routing & a huge featurelist of PABX functions are also available, including VOIP/PSTN routing, voicemailboxes, voicemail to email, internal paging and much more. Contact Jendai Solutions for details and help tailoring a sytem to suit your requirements.

XGuard Firewall hardware is chosen to provide a highly reliable, long life product while providing high network throughput and a low impact on internet performance. Current hardware typically only adds 2-3ms to internet latency, and 0.5% bandwidth impediment. XGuard Firewall can currently handle 1GB/s network traffic from WAN to LAN continuously with the above quoted losses.

Each XGuard Firewall can be remotely administered, via its own web browser based management centre, providing complete status, health, configuration and management of each XGuard Firewall by designated admins. XGuard Firewall can be supplied as either standalone or rackmount designs, or as a VMware virtual machine. XGuard Firewall can also be supplied with multiple network interfaces allowing multiple networks to be joined, bridged or given isolated internet access. XGuard Firewall is a full Layer-3 networking router, allowing it to manage multiple vlans in conjunction with other layer 2 & 3 switches. XGuard Firewall can function as a full or NAT based router for multiple networks, and provides configurable firewalling of individual subnets where required.

XGuard Firewall is compatible with a variety of internet sources and routing equipment, DSL & Cable modems, satellite, dialup modem etc. Full compatibility with all Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux and Unix client and server operating systems, seamless interoperability with Cisco, HP, Dell, Apple, Canon (and other leading equipment providers) printing, routing & network devices ensures your XGuard Firewall will integrate with & enhance your existing IT systems & infrastructure.